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Community Engagement and Partnerships

What have we accomplished?

  • Under my leadership as Board President collaboration with District 65 increased, including open meetings of the joint board committee, twice yearly joint board meetings, a joint achievement report, a joint board literacy goal, a plan to measure progress towards that goal, and support from Northwestern University in that effort
  • Our work with other community partners continues, much of it under the umbrella of Evanston Cradle to Career, including Northwestern University, Oakton Community College, not-for-profits like Youth Organization Umbrella, Youth Job Center, local businesses, and parents/guardians (through groups like Evanston Black Advocacy Network and Latino Advisory Council)

What more can we do?

  • Support our students as they transition into and out of ETHS, particularly those reading below grade level, in order to make progress on joint literacy goal
  • Maintain partnership with Evanston Cradle to Career to align measures to be established by the Districts as part of the joint goal with the metrics set by EC2C
  • Connect with those who have historically been disconnected from ETHS, including increased numbers of transfer and refugee students

Election Day is April 6, 2021

Early Voting at the Civic Center Begins March 22, 2021

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