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Fiscal Accountability

What have we accomplished?

  • A Aaa bond rating since 2008 and a balanced budget for 7 straight years contributed to excellence awards from the Government Finance Officers Association
  • Low borrowing rate, Foundation fundraising, and corporate partnerships enabled capital work including new signage project, Heritage Hall, Lobby, and Central Library improvements, Advanced Manufacturing Lab opening, and tennis court and Planetarium upgrades.

What more can we do?

Despite ETHS’ strong financial position, state dysfunction threatens in 3 ways:

  • A shift of normal pension costs to schools could add $2 million per year to our expenses;
  • School funding reform proposals intended to address inequitable state education funding could eliminate $2 million in state aid;
  • A property tax freeze (on top of existing tax caps) could impede our ability to cover pension costs and/or loss of state funds.

Through my leadership role in ED-RED, our school advocacy organization, I will continue to support Evanston school interests on these issues.

Election Day is April 6, 2021

Early Voting at the Civic Center Begins March 22, 2021

If you would like to provide financial support to the campaign, you can do so online here

via PayPal with or without an account.