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Student Well-being

What have we accomplished?

  • Under goals set by the Board, Individualized Career and Academic Plans are used for each student
  • At the Board’s direction, ETHS reduced suspensions by more than half in the last 6 years
  • Under a Board goal seeking to increase the graduation rate, ETHS graduated 55 students last year who enrolled in our alternative school after dropping out; at the same time ETHS had its lowest-ever drop-out rate: 0.8%
  • ETHS expanded its social consciousness series to address varied student identities with the support of the Board

What more can we do?

  • Ensure that the individual progress of each student and a connection with an adult at ETHS is measured as part of progress to goal
  • Continue to reduce the differences in discipline predictable by race because students who are not in the classroom cannot succeed

Election Day is April 6, 2021

Early Voting at the Civic Center Begins March 22, 2021

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